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Sprix vs. Ketorolac IM injections

I’ve used Sprix, but I much prefer to give myself an intramuscular shot of toradol. It’s the same medication and has the same restrictions on dosage per month. It can only be used a max of five doses/days per month due to the potential for really serious internal bleeding or hemorrhaging.

Personally, I have allergies and some thinning of my sinus and nasal cavity walls from chronic sinus infections and allergic inflammation so Sprix really burned my nasal tissue. The burning lasted well beyond the first few minutes post application spray so that was a negative for me. I know that even with IV and IM injection it can burn momentarily so I can’t say if my nasal burning is abnormal due to my sinus and nasal issues. It is quite possible my experience is more intense and longer lasting burning due to applying the medication spray to inflamed and thinner tissue.

It also has to be kept refrigerated, which was a concern for me because I have kids with autism who will get into any and everything in the fridge. This also makes it a concern for taking it to work or traveling.

It seemed to work the same as the IM injections for me, aside from the couple hours of nasal burning I would get. I don’t have a problem with giving myself injections so I much prefer the ketorolac intramuscular injection than the Sprix ketorolac nasal spray.

Both offered temporary pain reduction and relief from my migraine.

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